How did you start?

I started baking for friends and family in 2012. When I gave birth to my second daughter in 2015 I was determined to exclusively breastfeed even though I had to report for work. To be honest, my milk supply was pretty good but I was paranoid of depleting my stash and worried all the time about the abundance of my milk. I looked for all kinds of ways to keep my milk supply up – and found out all about lactation cookies! I loved baking them so much that I decided to share it with other moms.

What are lactation cookies?

They are cookies supplemented with galactagogues – ingredients that basically help increase milk production. The galactagogues that I usually use in my recipes include: Brewer’s yeast powder, Flaxseed meal, Rolled oats, Fenugreek, and Almonds. You can read more about galactagogues on these sites:



I am having a hard time breastfeeding, I don’t think I have milk. Will these lactation cookies solve that for me?

Nope. These lactation cookies will work combined with direct feeding your baby as well as pumping sessions. It will help boost your supply but if you do not have the proper latch these will be ineffective. If you have concerns regarding the proper latch, speak with certified lactation consultants.

Can non-nursing individuals eat the lactation cookies too?

Yes! Like what I said above, these cookies will not magically make milk. Non-nursing individuals (men and even kids) can eat these too! What’s great about these cookies is that the galactagogues are packed with so many vitamins so you are eating a healthier kind of cookie!

How can I order?

Click this link!

How will I receive my order?

I try as much as possible to use same-day-delivery services provided by several couriers such as Grab or Lalamove. Provincial services will depend on the courier you would like to get. Rates will vary depending on the courier.



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